Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 14.8 - iOS 11

Unc0ver Jailbreak is the best available no computer jailbreak for iOS 14 - iOS 14.8, iPhone 12 is possible too.

Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 14.8 - iOS 11

Finally, Unc0ver released their latest version v8.0.1. The first online jailbreak tool for iOS 14.4 to iOS 14.8 supports the latest devices including A14 and below.

Look why Unc0ver Jailbreak tool is special,

  • Unc0ver is the only no pc jailbreak tool, where the IPA can be installed online for the iOS 14 - iOS 14.8
  • All devices support online jailbreak
  • Unc0ver is the first jailbreak tool for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, and 12 Pro Max.

Let’s see how to install the latest Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 14.8 and below online and with a pc both.

How to jailbreak iOS 14.8 or below using Unc0ver

How to install Unc0ver jailbreak Online

You have two different ways to install the Unc0ver jailbreak for your iOS 14.8 or below devices.

Install Unc0ver jailbreak via Breakjail jailbreak tool finder

You can check jailbreak tool compatibility and your device compatibility with your device version and model easily via Breakjail. And Breakjail provides you with the best and the latest jailbreak tools store. So you can easily download the Unc0ver V8.0.1 using the Breakjail jailbreak tools store.

Install Breakjail

Install Unc0ver jailbreak via Saynmo

Saynmo is an alternative apps store that offers both jailbreak tools, tweaks, and non-jailbreak apps & tweaks. So you can download not just the latest Unc0ver jailbreak but also the upcoming Taurine jailbreak for iOS 14.5 (when available) and all your desired hacked apps, games, and tweaks.

Saynmo supports all the iOS versions and iPhone models.

Install Saynmo

Unc0ver jailbreak tool is a semi-tethered jailbreak method. So you can easily jailbreak and unjailbreak your devices. Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 14 - iOS 14.8 process is very simple. We are going to discuss step by step the Unc0ver jailbreak guide for iOS 14 - iOS 14.8 below. Once you reboot your iPhone or iPad you have to jailbreak it again. Unc0ver jailbreak is no computer method. So you can easily run the process via your iPhone or iPad.

How to jailbreak iOS 14.8 and below iPhones / iPads using Unc0ver jailbreak step by step guide.

Step 1: Download Unc0ver jailbreak via Saynmo, breakjail or direct.

Step 2: Put your iOS 14 - iOS 14.8 iPhone / iPad to airplane mode.

Step 3: Reboot your iOS 14 - iOS 14.8 iPhone / iPad to begin the Unc0ver jailbreak process.

Step 4: Open the sideloaded Unc0ver jailbreak tool.

Step 5: Tap on the Jailbreak button.

Step 6: Let the jailbreak process end.

Step 7: “Jailbreak Successful” prompt will display when you have successfully jailbroken your iOS 14 - iOS 14.8 iPhone / iPad. And the device will reboot.

Now you have successfully jailbroken your device. Following these steps you can successfully jailbreak your iOS 14 - iOS 14.8 running A13 - A14 iPhone / iPad devices with Unc0ver jailbreak.

How to install Unc0ver jailbreak using PC

There are two main methods to install Unc0ver using a computer too.

Cydia Impactor Method

This method requires an Apple developer account and only valid for 7 days. So you have to re install unc0ver weekly.

  1. Download Cydia Impactor for the applicable OS.
  2. Extract the application file, and open it.
  3. Connect your iOS device.
  4. Download the latest version of unc0ver from above.
  5. Drag the IPA file into the Impactor window.
  6. Enter your Apple ID and password (requires developer account). (Note: If you are using two factor authentication, generate an app specific password, and use that here.)
  7. On your iOS device, open Settings → General → Device Management and tap on your Apple ID.
  8. Trust unc0ver.
  9. Open unc0ver and jail​break!

AltStore Method

  1. Download AltStore.
  2. Use the link for your operating system.
  3. Unzip and move AltStore to your Applications folder.
  4. Launch the AltStore application.
  5. Click on the AltStore icon in the Menu Bar, and then click on the Install Mail Plug-in option.
  6. Open the Mail app, and click on Mail → Preferences in the menu bar.
  7. Open the General tab in mail preferences, click Manage Plug-ins, check AltPlugin, and apply and restart Mail.
  8. Connect your iOS device via USB.
  9. Click AltStore in the menu bar, then go to Install AltStore → (Your iOS Device)
  10. Login with your Apple ID when prompted and click install.
  11. On your iOS device, open Settings → General → Device Management and tap on your Apple ID.
  12. Trust AltStore.
  13. Tap the "Open in AltStore" button located above.
  14. AltStore will now install the app. Wait until it finishes.
  15. Open unc0ver and jailbreak!

Here are the devices that Unc0ver jailbreak supports.

  • iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE (2016), iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11
  • iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • 2020 iPad Pro, 2018 iPad Pro, 2017 iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 4, iPad Air 3, iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 5, iPad mini 4
  • 5th/6th/7th gen iPad

Here are the iOS versions that Unc0ver jailbreak supports.

  • iOS 14.8, iOS 14.7.1, iOS 14.7, iOS 14.6, iOS 14.5.1, iOS 14.5, iOS 14.4.2, iOS 14.4.1, iOS 14.4 (supported for A12 – A14  devices) iOS 14.3, iOS 14.2.1, iOS 14.2, iOS 14.1, iOS 14.0.1, iOS 14
  • iOS 13.7, iOS 13.6.1, iOS 13.6, iOS 13.5.1, iOS 13.5, iOS 13.4.1, iOS 13.4, iOS 13.3.1, iOS 13.3, iOS 13.2.3, iOS 13.2.2, iOS 13.2, iOS 13.1.3, iOS 13.1.2, iOS 13.1.1, iOS 13.1, iOS 13
  • iOS 12.5.5, iOS 12.5.4, iOS 12.5.3, iOS 12.5.2, iOS 12.5.1, iOS 12.5, iOS 12.4.9, iOS 12.4.8, iOS 12.4.7, iOS 12.4.6, iOS 12.4.5, iOS 12.4.4, iOS 12.4.3, iOS 12.4.2, iOS 12.4.1, iOS 12.4, iOS 12.3.2, iOS 12.3.1, iOS 12.3, iOS 12.2, iOS 12.1.4, iOS 12.1.3, iOS 12.1.2, iOS 12.1.1, iOS 12.1, iOS 12.0.1, iOS 12
  • iOS 11.4.1, iOS 11.4, iOS 11.3.1, iOS 11.3, iOS 11.2.6, iOS 11.2.5, iOS 11.2.2, iOS 11.2.1, iOS 11.2, iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11.1.1, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11

iOS 14 - iOS 14.8 Upcoming Jailbreak

We hope that the Taurine jailbreak team will release their latest Taurine jailbreak iOS 14.8 - iOS 14 support version to the jailbreak community. Still, they don’t mention any official release date or clue yet. We promise you that we will bring you the latest Taurine jailbreak soon after the release.

There will be a Manticore jailbreak for iOS 14.5 - iOS 14.6 very soon. Currently, Webkit/Safari-based Manticore jailbreak IPA is available on their official Github page. The other possible jailbreaking tool could be the Taurine jailbreak.