Top 6 Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone 12

Top 6 Reasons to Jailbreak  iPhone 12

When it comes to Jailbreak, it can be either iPhone 12 or iPhone 11. Even it can be iPhone X Jailbreak. But there will be only a set of reasons for you to perform a jailbreak. Here we discuss the top reasons

Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone12
  1. Cydia
  2. Free Apps and Games
  3. Themes and Other Customizations
  4. Hacked / Tweaked Apps and Games
  5. iOS Tweaks
  6. iOS Hacks

Let's discuss the top reasons one by one and possibilities to achieve those without jailbreaking


The top reason for you to jailbreak your iPhone 12 is Cydia. Cydia is the best and oldest package manager for jailbroken iPhones. It is quite amazing app you all need to try on your latest iPhone 12 as it doubles the capabilities. How Cydia works is it will be automatically added to your device when you jailbreak and it will play the vital role of jailbreak app store. Cydia is known as a package manager and it enables you to manage repositories, also known as Cydia Repos / Jailbreak Repos

Installing a lite version of Cydia is possible with TweakMo. You can Install TweakMo on iPhone 12 using the button below via Ataler app store.

Install Ataler

What are the other package managers for iPhone 12?

There are some other package managers which are newer than Cydia and performs really faster than Cydia. To name some, Sileo and Zebra are the two famous ones but there are some other package managers like Paciality, Installer5 etc.

Check How to Install Zebra on iPhone 12?

Free Apps and Games

Almost all the paid apps and games in Apple App Store can be downloaded for free on your jailbroken iPhone 12. Isn't it cool? 😎

Jailbreak replaces the default app store with Cydia and there you will find out all the paid apps and paid games for free. There are other ways to install paid apps for free without jailbreaking your iPhone. Let's find out some apps to install paid apps for free.

  1. TweakMo
  2. Taigone
  3. zJailbreak
  4. TweakBox
  5. iOS Gods
  6. Tutu App

Themes and Other Customizations

Installing iOS themes without jailbreaking was not possible since iOS 14. But thanks to the iOS customizations given in iOS 14, It is possible to install themes on iOS 14 or higher running iPhone 12 without Jailbreak.

With Jailbreak

Once you jailbreak your iPhone, You may install theme manager called Anemone. By using Anemone you can install and manage themes easily.

Without Jailbreak

If you are looking for themes without jailbreak, there are two solutions in the market. Taigone Themes and Moloko App. You can download both via Ataler app store.

Install Ataler

Hacked / Tweaked Apps and Games

The next reason for iPhone users to jailbreak is Tweaked or Hacked Apps. You may installed tweaked apps or hacked apps on your iPhone 12 using Cydia. There are some other third party app stores like Tutu App and TweakMo is available for installing hacked apps, hacked games, tweaked apps, tweaked games with unlimited coins or gems.

Can I install Hacked/Tweaked Apps on my iPhone 12?

The simple answer is YES. So you may install tweaked or hacked apps without jailbreaking. The solution is TweakMo.  TweakMo Installer is here for iPhone 12 users.

iOS Tweaks

iOS / iPhone Tweaks are among the top list for older device users. The Portrait photos can be enabled in older device using an iOS tweak. When it comes to iPhone 12, tweaks can be used to extend the functionality of the device. Top iOS tweaks that you may try on iPhone 12 is listed below with the functionalities.

  1. Grupi - A notification group tweak
  2. Call Bar - A tweak to customize your call bar. The default iOS 14 call bar comes on the top of screen but you may keep it at the bottom
  3. Clean Home Screen - Cleans the home screen by removing the labels of the app icons.

Other iOS Hacks

Other iOS Hacks like enabling any app on Apple Carplay using the tweaks like Carbridge or NGXPlay is also possible using Jailbreak. You may check How to install Carbridge on Carplay Hacks website to get more understanding about Apple Carplay related stuff on iPhone 12.

There can be many other reasons for users to jailbreak iPhone 12 running on iOS 14 or may be running the latest iOS 14.4

If you want to Jailbreak your iPhone 12, You may find out the suitable jailbreak tool before performing a jailbreak.

Check out iOS 14 Jailbreak  page for more info.

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