The Difference between iOS Jailbreak and iPhone Jailbreak

Jailbreak allows users to explore beyond the limits of the iOS and enter the real mobile world. the latest jailbreak related products like TaigOne, Taig, Yiti, LiTweaks, TutuApp, TweakBox, and TweakMo have made the jailbreaking process much easier and user-friendly.

The Difference between iOS Jailbreak and iPhone Jailbreak

Even though Apple has achieved a prominent place in rankings among mobile brands as a multinational organization in the world market, its users all over the world are suppressed by the limitations in devices.  The latest trend has made the user confused again for the difference between iOS jailbreak and iPhone Jailbreak. Let’s read for full clarification.

Term Jailbreak has enhanced interest for jailbreaking among the Apple community, which allows them to explore beyond the limits and enter the real mobile world. Of course, it was not an easy task, and have some issues like loss of warranty and security vulnerabilities as well.

But the latest jailbreak related products like TaigOne, Taig, Yiti, LiTweaks, TutuApp, TweakBox, and TweakMo have made the jailbreaking process much easier and user-friendly.

There are two major types of jailbreaks: namely; iOS jailbreak and iPhone jailbreak. Although they have the same final purpose of breaking restrictions in Apple and making the device freely usable for the user, iOS jailbreak and iPhone jailbreak contain differences and they are in competition with each other.

Initially let us look at how an iOS device boots up. Throughout the boot up process, it has to establish a chain of trust. A series of signature checks are carried to ensure that everything inside is approved by Apple. At First Boot ROM (Secure ROM) which contains the first important code in iOS device loads. Then loads the boot Loader which is responsible for loading main firmware. Next, loading of the Kernel that connects the operating system to the actual data processing done at hardware level.

iOS is loaded, at last, displaying “Slide to Unlock” on screen. With that background information, Let’s discuss the differences between iPhone jailbreak and iOS jailbreak.

Boot ROM exploit Vs iOS modification

iPhone jailbreak is a boot ROM exploit. Hence modifications are done to the hardware that lies below the iOS. Fewer issues arise regarding security checks since the root layer is changed in this scenario.

This also could be defined as a lifetime jailbreaking method because Apple cannot address this with Software upgrades unless the hardware is replaced.

Whereas in iOS jailbreak, an issue in the Operating System is identified and the device is jailbroken through jailbreak tools and its background process in order to gain access to root and media partition of the device. It is the location that occupies all files of iOS. But this iOS jailbreaks can be addressed by Apple through OS upgrades and updates.

iOS jailbreakers have to wait for the next jailbreak release, once a new iOS update or upgrade is released whereas iPhone jailbreakers don’t consider that at all.

Jailbreaking process

Actually in order to get control of the root “private/etc/fstab” must be patched. It controls the permissions of root and media partition on the device. According to default settings, the user can only view the default apps and interfaces without modifying. That read-only permission status should be changed to read/write permissions. Inserting the code isn’t a big challenge, but getting through a series of security checks is definitely a challenge.

This is simply a method of obtaining root access to IOS running on iPhones, iPods touch, and all Apple devices. Jailbreak frees Apple devices from the restrictions imposed on them by Apple and removes the phone from Apple’s dependency by enabling the user to download third-party apps available in the official Apps Store. It gives users the option to customize their home screen and change the icon appearance, and the menu depends on the user’s wishes. But there are some unique variations in its activation in IOS and iPhone.

Jailbreaking classified as tethered, semi-tethered and untethered. Either any of these jailbreaks may connect you and your iPhone experiences with an outer world that is never allowed by the manufacturer, but it has some drawbacks at the sametime

In addition to highlighting it is quite impossible to separate the jailbreaking of IOS and the jailbreaking of iPhone are similar in many respects as it separates them from each other as they are both intertwined and react to the jailbreaking reality in the same way.

After all, IOS is vulnerable by both tethering and untethering ways of jailbreaking to be jailbreak. Of course, it carries both advantages and disadvantages in advance out of all the above events. Jailbreaking may result that its inability to apply future software updates, the possibility to brick the iPhone, ends up voiding phone’s warranty while the majority argues that it is a must to back up the iPhone, iPad, iPod before jailbreaking.

Vulnerabilities caused

According to the reviews given by recognized security researchers, a vulnerability in BootROM of the Apple device is exploited by CheckM8 . This has a huge positive impact on devices ranging from iPhone 4s to the latest versions such as iPhone X.

iOS jailbreaking concept was subjected to changes overtime. Due to the restrictions on the iPhone , users were looking forward to a way to break those restrictions. Later on, after 2008 ‘Cydia app’ was launched, It has the capability to provide access to obtain jailbroken files, apps and many more as an alternative app store. Then after Sileo was introduced by CooStar and Team Electra, the competition got higher. Anyway, the latest checkra1n jailbreak still got Cydia as the package manager and they have stated that they will add more package managers with the time.

unc0ver jailbreak and chimera jailbreak is capable of jailbreaking iOS 13 even.  The latest updated jailbreak tools support A5 to A13 devices with iOS 13. iOS 13 and all other iOS versions are now under checkra1n jailbreak. So this is the best part of the vulnerabilities found so far.

Finally, it can be concluded that iPhone jailbreak and iOS jailbreak carries some remarkable differences. For an example with iPhone jailbreak exploits like checkm8 or Limerain, You can use any firmware to jailbreak and be on any version you wish to, whereas with iOS jailbreak you have to wait until a bug in OS is identified by a security researcher every single time when a newer version is released.