iOS 17 Sideloading: What will going to be happen with the App Store?

iOS 17 sideloading wwdc 2023

A report last year revealed that Apple was working on allowing sideloading with iOS 17. But in the WWDC 2023, there was no mention of sideloading iOS 17.  As governments around the world, especially the European Union accused Apple because of their anti-competitive practices, they have come under scrutiny. Because the App Store and iOS do not allow users to install apps from other sources.

What is Sideloading?

The main focus here is “Allow Alternative App Stores” on the iPhone and iPad and it was about to launch sooner with the release of iOS 17 in 2023. According to the revealed report from Bloomberg, it is the first time Apple is going to allow outside App Stores on the iPhone dedicating a “significant number of resources to the companywide endeavor.”

The meaning of “sideloading” is simply described as “the process of installing software without using the official Apple App Store.” So, iOS users can ultimately download third-party software to their iPhones and iPads without the Apple App Store. The main importance of sideloading for the user is it breaks the limits of what users can do with their devices to customize iPhones. Then it will decrease the amount of money they need to pay on apps.

It is no need to mention how dominant has iOS become in the past years. Even the lack of sideloading shows the range of monopoly Apple has got. The Anti-competitive practices of Apple show their power and have learned their lessons to monopolize people as a billion-dollar company.

What did the report say?

Previously, Mark Gurman heard from sources that the sideloading project was being handled by Andreas Wendker. However, it was still questioned whether they simply let Apple users do whatever they want. They might be still establishing some security requirements for software that were distributed outside of the App Store.

But later in April 2023, Bloomberg also announced that the iOS 17 sideloading will be limited features to the European Union countries. Apple has made this decision to do the bare minimum to work with the regulations as a response to the regulatory pressure they got from the European Union.

What happened in WWDC 2023?

Everyone was wondering about sideloading, prior to the WWDC 2023, but after releasing iOS 17 beta it doesn’t have sideloading. Apple hasn’t said a word about it.

But later after WWDC, multiple Apple executives joined in John Gruber’s “The Talk Show” live. In the show, Craig Federighi said that they want to make sure that whatever they do, is the right thing for their customers.

What if they do this only for Europe? It will definitely create a market for the resale of EU devices to the US.

Craig hasn’t specifically mentioned whether iOS 17 sideloading will be there or not. But what he strongly suggested was Apple would eventually offer the option according to the request by the EU.

Apple decides about iOS 17 sideloading! We have to wait.

No one has a clue about sideloading until the release of iOS 17 to the public later this year. Plus, if they keep it a secret until the release you do not need to be surprised- it’s Apple!!

However, if iOS gets sideloading eventually, it would definitely be the most awaited moment for most iOS users as users might not need to void their warranties by jailbreaking iOS 17 running iPhones.

By the way, the reason behind the company’s less favour of sideloading would be the revenue. App Store is already a big source of revenue as developers pay a commission of up to 30% of each app sale to Apple.

Plus, the company has put many arguments over the years against the concept of sideloading. As Apple always keep in touch about security, software that is downloaded from a third party would definitely be considered a potential hazard. Genuinely, we have to admit it as it is a serious problem nowadays. However, other than removing the facility completely from the device users should be given the option to take a risk with their own.

Rumors say that Apple will only let sideloading be available in the countries they have been forced to allow.  But the whole world is waiting to see it on their devices with a little hope.