iOS 14.2 Jailbreak features - What’s New?

iOS 14.2 Jailbreak features - What’s New?

Apple released their new iOS version 14.2 to all their iPhone and iPad users. It came up with all new features two weeks after the dispatch of iOS 14.1. The iOS 14.2 update can download for free and it is accessible on all compatible iDevices over the air in the settings application.
To get the new update of iOS 14.2, go to Settings > General > Software Updates. They have delivered iOS 12.4.9 additionally for more established gadgets.

New Emojis

iOs 14.2 New emojis

New update comes with 117 new emojis with 13 emoji characters. Some of them included a disgusted face, Smiling face with tears, ninja, people hugging, many new animales, more skin tone options, anatomical body parts, insects, new food, more Santa options, tools and many more.

Since the new update supports to the intercom you can use the new feature through HomePod and HomePod mini

New Wallpapers

You can use eight new wallpapers in dark and light mode. All these pictures are landscapes which also can use drawing versions.

New Playing widget

You can experience a new music recognition key that integrates the Shazam app. It can recognize music playing apps and allows you to discover music playing around you. Apple has redesigned the interface for AirPlay and it makes easy to play music via multiple AirPlay.

These are few of the notified key features of the new iOS 14.2 version.  If you are willing to jailbreak your iOS or iPadOS 14.2 you can use a few ways to jailbreak it. The only thing you need is a compatible device with running iOS 14.2 version. You can try these 3 ways to jailbreak your device.

Jailbreak your device with Checkra1n

Currently this is the only successful hardware based method for iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.3 jailbreaking. You need a compatible iPhone or iPad with a Mac computer. Checkra1n is also available for Linux and Windows as Ra1nstorm.
There is no online or mobile method invented to install Checkra1n and it only can be performed with your computer.

Visit Checkra1n official page to read more about Checkra1n and for steps guide to jailbreak your device using Checkra1n.

But if you want to find a simple way to jailbreak, use these online methods to jailbreak your device.

Jailbreak your device with TaigOne

TaigOne provides you an amazing jailbreak solution pack with more than hundreds of jailbreak apps, tools, tweaks and hacked games and also iOS paid apps for 100% free. You can customize your phone with themes and social media duplicates. TaigOne is one of the best Cydia alternatives for jailbreak users.

It also provides a compatibility checker to check compatible apps and tools for your device at a single tap. Experience a 100% safe jailbreak app for free and discounted offers from time to time.

Find the best Jailbreak Apps without jailbroken with TweakMo

If you think being jailbroken is void your Apple warranty, this is the best solution for you. TweakMo provides you the best jailbreak apps, tools, iPhone customization with third party app stores like Sydia, Sileo. Not necessary to jailbreak, download any jailbreak app with custom build to your iDevice.  
TweakMo is a 100% safe application that uses SSL for all their services. You can uninstall the app easily, whenever you want, without restoring or resetting your device.

Install Your favourite jailbreak apps with Tiqu  

Tiqu is an all in one jailbreak solution provider and repo installer for the iOS users. Install your favorite jailbreak apps, tools, hacked games and many more without installing any other third party app store. You can find jailbreak app stores like TweakMo, TaigOne and Zailbreak and more. You can extract any app without installing a relevant app store.

Tiqu has a free version and if you want more features you can upgrade it to pro. Install any paid or premium app for free using Tiqu.