Install Whatsapp Watusi with / without Jailbreak

Whatsapp Watusi

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  1. What is Whatsapp Watusi
  2. Why you need Whatsapp watusi? - FAQs

3. How to download Whatsapp watusi?

4. More Whatsapp features

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What is Whatsapp Watusi?

Whatsapp Watusi is a Whatsapp pro version you need to have on your iPhone/ iPad. Whatsapp Watusi is a Whatsapp with no restrictions, more customization options, post download options, and many more features. No more need to use dozens of third-party apps to enjoy WhatsApp, download WhatsApp status, Split videos, Customize chats, and many more additional features. Now you have all in one Whatsapp Watusi on your iPhone and android phone.

Why you need Whatsapp watusi - FAQs?

What you can do with Watusi

Can I Download WhatsApp Statuses via Whatsapp Watusi

Yes! Now you don’t need to use status savers, downloaders, or any other third-party apps to download and save status from your friends anymore. Here you have WhatsApp Watusi on your mobile. You can do it with a simple touch via Whatsapp watusi.

Can I freeze my WhatsApp last seen via Whatsapp Watusi

When you don’t want others to catch you online on WhatsApp or you need to show your online status to others that your offline while actually you’re online you can use Whatsapp watusi. In the normal version, you have to off your last seen, but as a price, you can’t see other’s online status. But no need to hesitate anymore. You can use WhatsApp Watusi to hide, freeze your WhatsApp status easily.

Can I read a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing using Whatsapp Watusi?

When you want to ignore someone, yet you want to see their messages you can use Whatsapp Watusi to read status hiding option. Then you can read, ignore, stay without replying to any Whatsapp message freely without getting caught.

Can I schedule WhatsApp messages using Whatsapp Watusi?

You need to remind someone on time, Forgetting special days or you need to wish your loved ones on the new year’s fall, or any special day at midnight now you don’t need to sacrifice your sleep anymore. You can simply schedule a message via Whatsapp Watusi with a lovely greeting and have a peaceful peaceful sleep.

How to Split Videos into Multiple Whatsapp Statuses via Watusi

With Whatsapp Watusi, you don’t need to upload and crop video clip by clip. You can simply upload the video and Watusi will split and do all your job for you.  

How to send unlimited pictures via WhatsApp Watusi

In your Whatsapp normal version, you can only send up to 30 pictures. Videos should be 16MB or below. But in the Whatsapp Watusi version, you can send unlimited images, videos, or docs to share with your friends and colleagues.

How to pin Whatsapp chats - Unlimited Whatsapp chat pins via Watusi

Do you want to pin your special chats, Groups from other chats, Here you have an unlimited Whatsapp Watusi chat pin option. Now You can pin all special chats on the top of the Whatsapp Watusi.

How to send WhatsApp msg without saving the contact

Personally all the time most annoying part on Whatsapp. When I need to send a message for someone on behalf of someone or a business purpose, need to save their contact to send a message or make calls. Buuut… with the WhatsApp Watusi noo more hesitation. I can send messages t6o any outsider from my contact list with a simple touch.

How to download Whatsapp Watusi?

  • Requirements

iOS versions above iOS 7+.

iPhone 5 or above devices.

Non-jailbreak or Jailbreak Both are okay.

Jailbroken iPhones need Cydia Impactor.

Mac or Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

Install Watusi Online without Jailbreaking

Install Whatsapp Watusi Without jailbreak (Online Method)

Step 1: Download the Ataler app store to install Whatsapp Watusi app. Not just Whatsapp but also you can download facebook++, Youtube++ and many more tweaks via Ataler App store.

Install Ataler

Step 2: Select WhatsApp Watusi and install.

Step 3: Confirm “Install” by clicking and let some time to download.

Step 4: Open your device settings, and follow the path. Settings > General > Profiles & Device

Step 5: make the app trusted by clicking “Trust” on the popup.

Step 6: Click on “Install” to complete the installation.

Open your home and you can see the WhatsApp watusi on your home. Now you can enjoy hundreds of exciting features via Whatsapp Watusi.

Install Whatsapp Watusi Without jailbreak (PC / Computer Method)

Step 1: Download the Whatsapp Watusi IPA for your Mac or Windows desktop.

Step 2: Connect your jailbroken device to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: Open your Cydia impactor.

Step 4: Drag and drop the downloaded Whatsapp Watusi IPA file into Cydia Impactor.

Step 5: Provide your Apple ID and Password.

Step 6: Let some time to install the app.

Step 7: Follow the path. Settings > General > Profiles

Step 8: Make the app trusted by click on the “Trust” button.

Step 9: Complete installation.

Install Whatsapp Watusi With Jailbreak

In order to install Whatsapp Watusi on your jailbroken device you need to add following repository to Cydia


Step 1: Open Cydia from your Home Screen

Step 2: Tap Sources > Edit > Add and add the source above (cydia://url/

Step 3: Wait a bit till source is added and Cydia app refreshes.

Step 4: Then go to search and enter "Whatsapp Watusi" without quotes

Step 5: Install Whatsapp Watusi and Enjoy

Here you have Whatsapp Watusi on your home screen. Enjoy all the amazing features you never experienced before with the general Whatsapp version. Not just whatsapp watusi, but also you can download many social media ++ apps and tweaks via Ataler and Saynmo app stores.

Whatsapp Watusi More Features.

Privacy Features

  • Freeze last seen
  • Disable Read Receipts
  • Disable Delivery Receipts
  • Disable Typing Indicator
  • Block Incoming Calls
  • Disable Internet Access
  • Filter 'My Contacts' Privacy


  • Statuses Bar on Top of Chats List
  • Statuses on Profile Pictures
  • Download Statuses
  • Manually Mark Statuses as Viewed
  • Keep Contacts Deleted Statuses
  • My Statuses Archive
  • Split Videos to Multiple Statuses


  • Protect App Passcode/TouchID
  • Protect Chats Passcode/TouchID
  • Lock/Unlock chats on cell swipe
  • Bypass protection on specific WiFi


  • Additional Options to Share Sheet
  • Different Share Sheet Styles
  • Share Sheet with Image Picker
  • Share Device Files
  • Select Unlimited Photos
  • Delete All Chat's Media
  • Save Profile Photos

Chats List

  • Chat List Filter & Sort
  • Unlimted Pinned Chats
  • Lock Chats in Archive
  • All Groups in a Single Page
  • Open Pictures on Tap
  • Start new chat using a phone number
  • Open links in an In-App browser
  • Long left swipe to delete a chat


  • Listen to voice messages anywhere and at any speed
  • Chat Details Section
  • Keep Contacts Deleted Messages
  • Increase Delete For Everyone Time
  • Confirm Before Calling
  • Tap to Record Voice Messages
  • Group Members Pictures in Chat
  • Disable Forwarded Indicator
  • Confirm Sending Stickers
  • Broadcast Message Indicator


  • Change App global tint color
  • Enable Dark Mode
  • Customize Bubble Background Colors
  • Customize Text Colors
  • Customize Bars Background Colors
  • Many more customization

More Features

  • Contact Picture in Notifications
  • Private Notifications
  • Message Scheduler
  • Auto Reply
  • Hide Chats
  • Custom Ringtones
  • Stickers Manager
  • Contact Spoofing

Enjoy your latest Whatsapp Watusi experience…!