How to Install apps without Apple ID

Here you have a few methods for installing iOS, iPad OS apps without apple ID for iOS 15. Find the available online methods below.

How to Install apps  without Apple ID

Do you need an apple ID to download apps? It's literally Yes, if you download from Apple App Store but there are ways to download without an Apple ID. Excited huh?  Let’s find out the ways..

Method 1: Install apps without Apple ID by Jailbreaking

This is the best option for any iPhone/iPad user to not just install apps without Apple ID, but also hundreds of additional features. You don’t need to stay behind the unwanted apple restrictions such as themes/wallpapers change restrictions anymore.

How to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad?

First you need to have an idea about your iOS version and iPhone/ iPad divide type. Then you need to download a jailbreak tool that is compatible with both your iOS version and iPhone/iPad device type. Each jailbreak tool has its own iOS version or device limitation.

With Breakjail you can automatically select the best compatible jailbreak tool for you within seconds and directly download any jailbreak tool. Breakjail is a jailbreak tools compatibility checker and jailbreak tools store.

Install Breakjail

Breakjail jailbreak tool finder and jailbreak tools come with step by step easy installation guides. Just follow the steps. You can enjoy many Apple features you have never experienced before.

Method 2: Install apps without Apple ID using Third-party App Stores

There are a large number of app stores which allow you to download apps without an Apple ID. The most popular ones are TutuApps, Saynmo, Taigone, Tweaqi, Tweakbox, Ataler. Let’s talk about a few of these app stores and their collections which support the latest iOS 15 and below version.

Saynmo Tweak Store

Saynmo is one of the latest and best app stores you can use to download all the types of apps, tweaks, cracked games, Social media++ versions (Ex: Whatsapp++ / Watusi), Streaming apps++ versions (ex: Spotify++), games stores, and even jailbreak tools. Saynmo comes with both jailbreak and non-jailbreak supports apps and tweaks. So you don’t need to worry about whether your device is jailbroken or not with Saynmo apps.

Install Saynmo


Tweaqi is another app store similar to Saynmo. You can download hundreds of jailbreak and non jailbreak apps, games, Social media++ versions (Youtube++), game emulators, wallpapers collections and many more using the Tweaqi app store.


Ataler app store also comes with all these apps, games and tweaks. Not just apps and tweaks but also jailbreak tools collections, jailbreak / non-jailbreak games stores (Ex: Mindcraft), a few more jailbreak/non-jailbreak apps stores, and repository collections.

Install Ataler

These third party apps stores will help you to avoid the Apple ID and Password requesting steps easily. So you don’t need to worry about applying Apple ID all the time when you’re installing an app.

Method 3: Install apps with disabled settings

Step 1: Open the Settings on your iPhone/iPad.

Step 2: Select the “Touch ID / Face ID and password”.

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap “Content & Privacy Restrictions”.

Step 4: Tap on the “iTunes & App Store Purchases”.

Step 5: Under the required password options, choose “Don’t Require”.

Step 6: Now open the App Store and install apps without apple ID and password.

Method 4: Install apps without Apple ID while touch ID on

Step 1: Open settings and open the “Touch ID / Face ID and password”.

Step 2: Enter your Passcode and turn off “iTunes and App store”.

Step 3: Enter the “Apple ID password” on the popup screen and “Ok”.

Step 4: Then back to setting again and tap your profile.

Step 5: Tap on the “iTunes and app store”.

Step 6: Tap and open “password settings”.

Step 7: Now click the option “Always required”.

Step 8: Then open the “Required password option” and turn it off.

Step 9: Now give your Apple ID password to confirm the changes.

Now you can install any app on your iPhone/iPad without Apple ID and Passcode.