Cydia Impactor Alternatives

Cydia Impactor is the best method available for the installation of unofficial iOS applications on the market. Here you can find 20 best Cydia impactor alternatives.

Cydia Impactor Alternatives

If you are a jailbreak lover, or a sideloaded freek, you always need to install IPA files on your iOS. But cydia Impactor 0.9.52 no longer works with a free developer certificate and the only alternative is to use a paid $99 developer certificate from Apple to install IPA packages using Cydia Impactor.

Cydia Impactor is the best method available for the installation of unofficial iOS applications on the market. Cydia Impactor is easier to adapt, more user-friendly, and the perfect app for iOS users. It is a simple thing to install IPA files using Cydia Impactor. Drag the IPA files you have downloaded and drop them on the cydia tool.

But if you want more, or if you want to learn about other sideloading apps, or cydia impactor alternatives, you came to the right point. Let’s go.

1. AltStore

Cydia Impactor Alternatives

AltStore is one of the perfect alternatives to Cydia Impactor, which helps you to use your Apple ID and password to install IPA on your iOS device. The creator released the software under the AGPLv3 license (open source). You can resign and install any app using your Apple ID using the program, upload apps via WiFi using AltServer, and even directly manage all app updates via AltStore Beta for Windows.

You can download IPA files on iOS, based on several libraries available from Impactor with AltStore. The app is regularly updating and introducing support for the latest iOS firmware version. IPA files can be signed and sideloaded into iOS 13, iOS 13.3.1, 13.4, and iOS 13.5 via the app.

2. AltSigner

Cydia Impactor Alternatives

AltSigner is a free alternative tool to Cydia Impactor that can be used for Windows IPA signing. The Altsigner tool is very simple to use and includes Apple ID, system UDID, and an IPA file requirements to be signed. iTunes is required by AltSigner.

If you use the Apple ID with Two-Factor Authentication allowed, you will also need to enter the six-digit verification code issued by Apple. In addition, the program can handle several Apple accounts, saving details about the expiration date of signed items.

3. LightiningSign

Cydia Impactor Alternatives

LightiningSign is another free alternative AppStore app allowing you to sign and install any IPA file directly. To sideload IPAs using this method, it is not required to have a mac or pc. It installs apps using an enterprise certificate, and it is compatible with all packages.

IOS 10.0 or later is supported for the application, and LightiningSign compatible with almost all devices iPhones and iPads. The new iOS 13, is supported as well. LightiningSign is a file signing application that can be downloaded and shared back to the signing tool on your devices.

Compared to other resources available on the IPA market, LightiningSign performance rate is 100 percent. You can install any IPA with a valid enterprise certificate using the LightiningSign app, and there is no need to resign the installed apps every 7 days.

4. AppCake 7

AppCake 7 is a free platform for iOS devices that allows support to install unsigned IPA files. AppCake 7 is full of premium games and software that you can download free of charge. The store is manufactured by iPhonecake and together with iPASTORE.

AppCake 7 is an alternative to the Cydia Impactor that can be directly installed on your device. machines, Appcake 7 works on both Jailbreak and non-Jailbreak devices with iOS 12, iOS 13, and iOS 13.4. Both apps are signed with an enterprise license, which can easily be revoked, the same as all other free app stores.

5. nullxImpactor

The nullxImpactor as anothe Cydia Impactor alternative for Mac developed. nullxImpactor is an AltServer based application. The program allows you to sign and sideload IPA files to iOS 11, iOS 12, or iOS 13 running on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can use this tool to install any software, including tweaks and jailbreak tools, on your device.

All sideloaded applications using nullxImpactor are revoke-free, but there are some limitations to the programs. You can sign 3 applications per device while using a free Apple certificate, and you can only create and use 7 days of validity certificate. It is important to re-sign the IPA when the applications stop running.

6. AltDeploy

You can use the AltDeploy to install any IPA package containing iOS apps or games. Also AltDeploy can be used to get jailbreak tools such as unc0ver, chimera, Electra without certificate revoked. Centered on the AltStore software, the IPA signing tool provides an option to sideload some predefined apps. AltDeploy enables you to sign any IPA file on your iPhone that you have selected. Interface of the app is almost similar to the Cydia Impactor. To side-load IPA files, the software requires you to have an Apple ID and password.

7. iOS App Signer

IOS App Signer is a free Mac program that can sign and sideload packages from IPA, DEB, APP, xcarchive on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. iOS users need to install Xcode to make the software run. You need to have a Provisioning Profile and a signing certificate from a new Xcode project. Open the iOS App Signer and pick an input file, provisioning file, certificate, and optionally a new application ID or display name for the application. Install the App Signer app for iOS.

8. ReProvision

Another free iPhone jailbreak tool for signing IPA files is ReProvision. For iOS, this is a Cydia Impactor option. A developer account is not needed, and you need to use an app-specific password to sign in to an app not provided by Apple to run it. The app features automatic re-signing of locally apps, saving login details of your Apple ID, downloading IPA files and other apps, and integration of the 3D Touch menu to manually re-sign.

9. AppSync Unified

AppSync Unified patches allow you to install unsigned IPA files on iOS. It is possible to use AppSync to clone installed apps, import fake-signed IPAs, and even to help develop iOS apps using Xcode. There is no 3 app limitation per system or 7-day certification, unlike Cydia Impactor. AppCake, the free platform for iOS devices that allows you to install paid AppStore apps and games for free, was also developed by the developer behind AppSync. You can patch any IPA kit downloaded directly on your iPhone after jailbreaking iOS using software such as Unc0ver or Checkra1n.

10. Panda Helper iOS

Panda Helper iOS is a free App Store that helps you to access signed applications and games without Jailbreak or using your Apple ID. Panda Helper is free to download from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. With this alternate Cydia Impactor, sign paying applications, tweaks, games on iOS.

Also Panda Helper iOS offers a builtin signing service enabling you to sign IPA files directly. App Signer is for Panda VIP members only. Panda does not support encrypted IPA files and is compatible with iOS 11, iOS 12, and iOS 13.

Two options are offered by Panda Helper iOS for downloading applications. By default, you must delete the original installed app from the AppStore before installing it from the Panda Store. The Clone App feature helps you to build a separate copy of the app without the original edition needing to be uninstalled.

11. AltServerPatcher

AltServerPatcher is a tool which patches AltServer to install any IPA on iOS 13 from a web URL. This is an important alternative Windows replacement for the Cydia Impactor. The program itself doesn't sign the IPA files. It provides presets, such as unc0ver, Phoenix, or h3lix, that allow you to sideload common jailbreaks.

AltServerPatcher includes unc0ver, Chimera, ChimeraTV,  doubleh3lix, Electra, ElectraTV, doubleh3lix + sockport2, h3lix, etasonJB, Phoenix, Home Depot (9.1-9.3.4), Home Depot (8.4.1), yalu + mach_portal, yalu102, yaluX + extra recipe, and backr00m IPA ties. Runs on 8.0 & 12.1.2. iOS.

In addition, you can have your own access to the IPA file that AltServer uses to import, sign, and sideload to your iOS computers. AltServerPatcher generates a backup of AltServer.exe prior to patching, which can be recovered from the app itself. Simply reinstall the AltServer if anything goes wrong.

12. AppValley Companion

AppValley Companion is a compiled version of AltStore with a built-in list of sources that can be mounted on iOS 12 and iOS 13 with over 100++ IPA files. The AppStore is open, although there are some drawbacks involved. Apps ought to be mounted on a PC (Windows 10) or Mac.

Apps that have been installed using non-developer Apple IDs will only open for 7 days. In addition, you can activate 3 applications only. AppValley Companion refreshes installed applications that connect to a server program running on your device in the background.

13. 3uTools

The  3uTools can be introduced as an all-in-one solution for handling iOS applications, songs, images, ringtones, videos, and other multimedia files. 3uTools provides excellent features such as ringtone creator, backups of files, jailbreak tools, video converter, and more.

Even you can sideload IPA files to your device using 3uTools. Only signed IPA files are allowed by the program, so there isn't any possibility to sideload pirated packages. When AppSync is installed, you can run all the types of IPAs on jailbroken devices as well.

This involves IPA files that are broken, stolen, and pirated. 3uTools supports all smartphones operating on Apple, including all iPhones and iPads. The new update runs on the iPhone SE 2 and iPad Pro 4 as well. 3uTools has it all, perhaps.

14. i4Tools

I4Tools is an all-in-one i4 Assistant that handles iPhone applications, photographs, audio, ringtones, videos, and other multimedia files. It contains excellent features such as data iOS jailbreak,  SHSH backup, IPA signature tools, backups, system booting, and more. It's crazy how many features this freeware app comes bundled with.

An IPA signature program is one of the software bundled with i4Tools. To sign any IPA file and sideload the apps to iOS, you can use this app. It operates for both, using an Apple ID or offering certificate files on your own. There are no other tools for Windows that provide this kind of feature.

To download applications and games for free, install the AsTools Pro app directly on your iPhone without attaching the apple device to your PC. In order to jailbreak or install cracked software, games and import third-party tools, the best app is i4Tools.

15. Sideloadly

Sideloadly is a new Windows tool that allows IPA files to be sideloaded on iOS devices by users. The app is compliant with the new iOS 13, but there is also an option to install IPAs on iOS 8+ (not all file works). You can sideload only 10 applications and only 3 of them can be activated if you have a free Apple Developer account.

Sideloadly is as simple to use as Impactor. It provides several services, beginning with the option to install applications with an Apple Developer account that is free or paying for. What's more, edit the IPA and date to the min version of iOS, delete limitations on compatible hardware, change the name of the app on your home screen and the package ID of the program (for downloading different copies of the app).

The new update of the Sideloadly software also includes jailbroken system support. Run IPAs on your jailbroken mobile without having to sign-in to your Apple ID. You need to install AppSync from Cydia to make this feature functional.

16. GBox

GBox is a free IPA signing application that helps you to directly install most applications and games on your iPhone without using a mac or pc. To update software, this Gbox uses an enterprise certificate and it supports all packages. Also, it provides a common console simulator repository and iOS jailbreak software.

This App Store has been reviewed for iOS 13, but you can try to run it on older firmware as well. GBox supports almost all devices, including iPhones and iPads. GBox is a file signature application that can be accessed from your devices and re-shared with the signing tool.

17. ESign

The ESign (Easy Sign) app is a free iOS app that allows users to sign and sideload IPA files without using a computer directly on the device. IPA files are loaded into the Dylibs app and signed with the p12 certificate and mobile provision register. Your applications can operate without withdrawals when you purchase a non-pirated license.

It is incredibly convenient to use the on-device signing feature for iOS. First of all users need to upload your certificate from the Safari Browser and then exchange it with the ESign client, then you need to import it into the app. The same method is needed to import IPA files.

You can browse through settings, signed apps, certificates installed, and configurations from the main panel of the Easy Sign application. The ESign software has been tested to function on iOS 13, but you can also attempt to run it on other versions of firmware.

18. BoarSign

The BoarSign software is a new tool for iOS devices that allows users to sign and install IPA files without revoking any programs. Most important thing is that the program does not require the installation of IPA files on a computer.

This iOS on-device IPA signing app is available from the apple AppStore for free. Because of that the app revokes testimony. Through the sharing feature, BoarSign application will help you to download IPA files, upload software, and games. iOS 14 is not supported, but BoarSign is still one of the better Cydia Impactor alternatives that will use an enterprise certificate to install IPA files directly on your computer.

19. Magic Sign

The Magic Sign app is an iOS IPA signing tool. That helps you to directly install IPA files on your iPhone or iPad without using a mac or linux pc. IPA files are immediately loaded into the app and signed with the p12 certificate and mobile provision log. It is a really quick and easy way to use your iDevice signing feature for iOS.

20. Panda Helper Lite

Panda Helper Lite is a lighter variant of the iOS Panda Helper App that has equivalent functionality. Users can download IPA files or update applications with direct web links by using the Lite version. Lite also uses certificates the same as a native app, to install applications without a device.

Almost any software or game launched for iOS can be found here, even applications not permitted by the official AppStore. Download free jailbreak software, ++Apps, ++ games, and more from a single lite application.