How to customize iOS 16 without jailbreak?

customize iOS 16 without jailbreak.
customize iOS16

With the iOS 16 being released along with iOS 16.0.1 and iOS 16.0.2,  we can see plenty of iOS enthusiasts looking for iOS 16 jailbreak possibilities, whereas a fairly similar audience of other iOS lovers seeks ways to customize their iOS 16 iPhone without jailbreaking the device.

Even though there are some tested solutions to jailbreak iOS 16 including Zeon, Checkra1n (Virtual) jailbreak, and Unc0ver (virtual) jailbreak, some of you are keen on not touching the device’s core, but experimenting with iOS 16 customization possibilities. If you belong to the latter group, then you are at the best place for we are going to present you with the safest methods to customize your iOS 16 iPhone with no jailbreak. Stay tuned!

When it comes to customizing your iPhone without jailbreak for iOS 16, the key concerns address the possibilities of customizing themes and icons, installing tweaks, downloading free apps and free iOS app launchers, downloading hacked/ cracked games, and enjoying social media ++ apps and many more which we have discussed in detail in this article. Let's dig in!

Ataler App Store to customize iOS 16 without jailbreak

Ataler App store is a one-stop destination to customize iOS 16, iOS 16.0.1 and iOS 16.0.2 without jailbreak. It’s more like Apple’s app store, but the difference is that you can enjoy many apps and features that Apple does not allow originally. And the best part is you can do all these without iOS 16 jailbreak.

What does the Ataler App Store offer?

  1. Free movie and TV show streaming with Movian

You can now install online and offline movie streaming apps such as Netflix, Youku, and iQIYI along with the collections of TV shows and TV series from the Ataler app store with Movian for zero cost! Amongst the things you can do are streaming live, high-quality movies online, enjoying streaming TV channels with on-release TV series episodes, and more. Most importantly, the libraries do update regularly to serve you with the latest content!

2. Customize iOS 16 themes and wallpapers with Colorup and Launchify

Colorup app on Ataler enables you to customize your iPhone with new themes, and any desired wallpaper followed by lock screen customization.

Moreover, you can make use of the Launchify app on Ataler too to customize iOS 16 without jailbreak. Here, you can go ahead with home screen customization, icon theme customization, app drawer customization, and hiding and removing apps.

3. Create and send customized wishes with iWish

Ataler’s app bundle has the iWish app that enables you to create customized wishes choosing from a wide variety of categories including birthdays, anniversaries, New year, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

4. Customize your iOS 16 keyboard with Jian

Jian app lets you customize your iOS 16 default keyboard with font and emoji customization. Moreover, you can give a brand-new appearance to your keyboard by setting a desired image from the gallery. You can do all these without jailbreaking your iPhone.

  • Supported iOS Versions of Ataler – iOS 9 versions – iOS 16 beta

Here's how to install Ataler App Store on iOS 16.

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Themone to customize iOS 16 without jailbreak

Themone serves the purpose of no jailbreak iOS 16 customizations as well as iPadOS 16 customizations. The beauty of Themone is that it lets you customize your iPhone as well as iPad by utilizing a wide collection of over 75 themes, icon packs, and Google launchers. We have tested Themone on iOS 16, iOS 16.0.1 and iOS 16.0.2, and it works just perfect! The sleek UI is everything to navigate easily across the functionalities. Themone supports iOS 12 versions to iOS 16.0.2 as well as from iPadOS 12 versions to iPadOS 16. Moreover, Themone requires you to use a Safari browser during installation.

Here's how to install Themone on iOS 16.

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Saynmo to customize iOS 16 without jailbreak

Saynmo serves iOS 16 no-jailbreak users as well as iOS 16 jailbreak enthusiasts alike. That’s because Saynmo offers no-jailbreak iOS customization apps, tweaked apps, CarPlay apps, hacked/cracked games as well as jailbreak tools.

Another beautiful aspect of Saynmo is that it offers you Sileo and Cydia demo apps which are not fully functional ones, but that helps you to obtain the experience of Sileo and Cydia package managers without jailbreaking your iOS 16 iPhone.

Moreover, Saynmo offers social media ++ apps, photo editing apps, hacked/cracked games, video editing apps, entertainment apps, paid apps for free, hacked iOS 16 apps, hacked iOS 16 games, cracked apps, unlimited coins and unlimited gems for certain gaming apps.

  • Supported iOS Versions of Saynmo – iOS 15 versions – iOS 16.0.2

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Tweaqi to customize iOS 16 without jailbreak

With Tweaqi, you can customize iOS 16 without jailbreaking your iPhone. To make use of Tweaqi, first, you have to install Ataler. Then, install Tweaqi. One of the coolest features of Tweaqi is that you can search for your favorite tweaks using the search bar. Moreover, you can use Tweaqi as a Cydia alternative.

What can you install with Tweaqi?

  • Siri short-cut-based tweaks - Sharecuts, ShutupShortcuts, Pastcuts, Powercuts, Importcuts, etc.
  • HTML based tweaks
  • iOS 16 tweaks
  • Cydia tweaks
  • Social media ++ apps
  • Music Apps
  • Game Emulators

Supported iOS Versions of Tweaqi – iOS 9 versions – iOS 16 beta

Here's how to install Tweaqi on iOS 16.

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